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How to add background music to my video on Android App and Boost Audio?
How to add background music to my video on Android App and Boost Audio?
Add a music to your videos to add an emotional touch.
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  • The Music Bed is added for the entire video.

  • You can use BIGVU's copyright-free music samples. In addition, you can also add your own audio files using the Media Library on the Web.

  • By uploading your own audio files, you are obligated to make sure that you have all the relevant credentials (copyrights) for using the audio tracks.

1. Open the relevant video.

2. Click on Crop, Captions, Logo, Green replace.

3. Choose whether to Style with/without captions.

4. Click on the speaker icon (1) and select one of our copyrights free music (2). You can also use "Boost-audio" (3) in order to reduce background noises.

  • When you activate Boost audio, it will process the audio using artificial intelligence, remove background noise and maximize audio levels to amplify your message.

5. Once you selected a music, you can drag the slider to choose a ratio of voice to background music.

Note: it is important to make sure that the background music is not too loud as to overpower your voice. our recommendation is to choose a ratio of 95% or higher for the "voice" and only 5% or fewer for the "music".

4. Click Next to continue styling your video.

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