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How to Segment my captions on iOS?
How to Segment my captions on iOS?
How to edit and divide my captions into scenes
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Did your captions get cut-off in the middle of a sentence? Or are there too many captions appearing at once because the segment is too long? Follow the next steps to make sure your captions are perfect throughout the video.

1. Style with captions on the App.

Click on the CC icon at the bottom of the screen in order to edit and style your video's captions and press on the arrow button to access to Edit Captions and Segments.

2. Click on Segments in order to divide your subtitles into different/separate scenes.

3. Drag the relevant side of the blue bar to change the length of the segments and create accurate subtitles in each scene. You can always play the displayed scene to check if it is accurate.

It's important to take into consideration that when I drag the right side of the bar to the left, making my scene shorter, it means the next scene/segment becomes longer, taking in the captions I just removed from the current scene.

  • Use the Previous & Next buttons to move from one segment to another.

If your segment is too long, you can "Add segment", this will split your segment in two and create a new segment with the second part.

4. Click Save to apply the changes.

This process only affects the length of the segments, to edit the captions themselves, please Click on "Captions" instead of "Segments" in the previous step.

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