1. Create your video on the app.

2. Click on Crop, Captions, Logo, Green replace.

3. Choose the Style with captions option.

4. Choose the language of the captions.

5. Click on the paintbrush icon (lower menu panel bar) in order to choose the theme (style) of the captions.

6. Click on the CC icon in order to create captions in your video.

The video will be separated into segments with their matching captions.

  • Press on the arrow button.

  • Press on Aa captions button to edit segment's captions.

  • On each segment, you will be able to edit the captions manually and highlight a specific part of the caption, insert a star (*) or slash (/) in the beginning and end of the part you wish to highlight:

  • Click on Save to confirm your changes.

7. Only on iOS phones -edit your captions with segment editor - divide your subtitles into different/ separate scenes.

7. Return to the editing menu and Style your video.

8. Press Make video.

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