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How to style my video with captions on Android App?
How to style my video with captions on Android App?
Add automatic subtitles and edit them in order to match perfectly your narration. Highlight words in the captions using stars and slashes.
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  • Please note: it might be easier to edit the captions from the web,connect with your ID and Pssword on the BIGVU Desk:

1. Create your video on the app.

2. Click on Crop, Captions, Logo, Green replace.

3. Choose to 'Style with captions' and also to 'Auto Highlight' if you want to test the automatic AI tool that emphasize automatically with AI impactful words.

Choose the required language of the captions.

  • Automatic captions are generated based on automatic speech-to-text engine and therefore there will be some mistakes. It is better to add a written script before adding the captions to improve accuracy.

4. After a short process, the video styling process appears

You have the ability here to Resize, Add Captions Theme, a Logo, a Music background, an Intro and an Outro and also access your Captions to edit them.

You can follow the process to Style your Video by clicking (1) 'Next' button or directly choose the screen that interests you to customize your video (2).

5. Click on the paintbrush icon (lower menu panel bar) in order to choose the Theme (the style of the captions).

6. Click on the CC icon in order to edit and style your video's captions.

  • The video will be separated into segments with their matching captions.

  • Press on the arrow button to access to Edit Captions (3) and Segment Duration (4)

  • (3) Edit Captions: The highlighted words are either surrounded by stars " * " or by two slashes " / ", depending on the Theme chosen, this represents 2 different colors. You can edit the highlighted words as you wish.

  • (4) Edit Timecodes (Segments duration) : This option allows you to edit the duration of the segment, ie in terms of Captions, the words that are displayed on the same screen while the presenter pronounces them. (Available only on iOS for now)

  • Click on Save to confirm your changes.

7. When you finished to Style your video, press on "Make video" and then it will create a new Take styled in your Project.

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