A Sequence is a feature where you can join different small video to create a new one.

1. Open desk.bigvu.tv and login to your account.

2. In order to Create a sequence, you need to choose the take of a video and Send to a sequence.

--> Choose your video in the Project screen, if you need help to better understand which kind of project you can chose please read this FAQ.

> Or Script Project _ Unedited video → In Project Screen → select your video project, 3dots → “Edit” → in the 3 dots menu of your take: “Send to Sequence”

> Or Video Maker Project _ Edited video → Directly in Project screen → 3 dots menu → “Send to Sequence”

3. Here a popup opens allowing you to select a Sequence or add a new one:

4. If you want to add a Sequence, click on “+ New Sequence” → write your new sequence name, it will be the name of your final video where you will merge all the videos you need to.

5. Then the Sequence is opened, you need to enter a Sequence headline and if you click on “come back arrow”, it will allow you to “Save” your Sequence.

5. Every take or video you add to your sequence will be added at the bottom of your sequence, you can even rearrange the order with drag and drop videos on the right side.

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