• Font Size: click on "Font Size" button. Set the Font Size according to your distance from your phone while recording. A small font size is better for close-range recording while a large font size is better for recording from a distance as it is easier to read the text.

  • Text Area (iOS only): click on "Resize". Set the Text Area to adjust the length of the lines on your screen. If you are recording from a very close range we recommend keeping your lines short, in order to keep the words you're reading as close to the camera as possible and retaining eye contact. Avoid using a large text area while shooting from a close range as it might take your eyes away from the camera.

  • Text position (Android only): the location of the front camera varies between the different devices. In order to keep the best eye contact, the user will always need to read the first line, the closest line to the camera. You will only need to set it once for a specific device. You can find the positioning options under therefore, the choice of settings, “text position”.

  • If you’re recording in landscape, always position yourself as close to the camera as possible so you’re looking directly at your audience.

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