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For the other parameters like Teleprompter Speed, Start Point and Exposure, please read this article:

I/ Teleprompter Speed:

Adjust the speed of the Teleprompter to match your talking speed.

There are two ways to do this.

Method One:

Open the Teleprompter and select the Settings button

In the menu, click on "Words Per Minute" and select the speed of words per minute you want.

Method Two:

Click the Speed button and swipe your finger on the speed reset button to set the speed of words to flash per minute.

You can choose between 10 words/minute up to 350 words/minute.

II/ Start Point:

Only want to record a part of your script? No Problem!

With BIGVU Teleprompter, you can choose a new starting point to record your video.

To do this, simply click the Start Point button. Then, swipe the area within the blue space and scroll to the point you wish to begin your narration
Selecting this will enable your recording to start on your chosen part of the script.

III/ Exposure:

As smartphones automatically adjust exposure levels while recording, the lighting of your video may change randomly.

Lock your exposure to make sure that your lighting doesn’t change while filming.

To do this, open the Teleprompter and click the Light Exposure button

Set your desired exposure to reset and lock in your exposure value.

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