1. Open the app.

2. Click on the blue camera button and choose script (if you want to record with a script) or just record (without any script).

3. If you chose the script option - write your text, give it a headline and save it.

4. Click on the red camera button to open the teleprompter and start recording.

  • Key Features on the teleprompter:

    1. Connect Bluetooth controller in order to start/stop the scrolling of the script while recording.

    Please note: android version will not support the bluetooth remote control.

    2. Start point - choose the point that you want to start narrating your script.

    3. Pause on silence - your text will stop scrolling when you are silent. Use this to take meaningful pauses, to emphasize a certain point, or simply take a short break to catch your breath while filming (will be released in version 1.8.3 and above).

    4. Exposure - Set the exposure level using manual/automatic settings

    5. Adjust Font size & Text area as a dependency of the distance from the camera

    6. Speed - change the speed of your teleprompter so it matches your speaking speed!

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