• With BIGVU you can add your Business Card as an Intro or an Outro of your videos. The result would be a short animation with your business infos

  • A business card contains: Business information - name and company, Mail, Website link, Phone number, Street/City information and Instagram/Twitter link.

1. Open the relevant video.

2. Click on Crop, Captions, Logo, Green replace and select Styling with/without captions.

3. Select the Card icon (1) and choose to add a video by clicking on "Business Card" in the intro or the outro section (2).

4. Follow the workflow to add infos in your Business Card.

(1) Add Business Card Informations

(2) Add a logo

(3) Add a location

(4) Add Social

5. Click Update to create your business card or apply the changes.

Then, once updated, you will be able to see that your Business Card has been added as an intro/outro with a Business card icon added in the corresponding section along with the time of the added video.

You can adjust the duration of the appearance of the Business Card.

6. You can always change the video by clicking on Edit and choosing the information you want to show on your business card. Click Update Card to apply the changes.

Note: You can also add your proper videos as an Intro/Outro on the App --> Related FAQ article: How to add a video as an intro & outro on the App?

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