• BIGVU Desk Teleprompter is only available to Plus, workgroup and teams accounts.

  • External Devices such as external microphones and external cameras should work if they are compatible with your PC.

Pro's tip: Learn how to use a teleprompter like a pro

In order to use BIGVU's web desk teleprompter:

1. Enter to your desk at BIGVU.TV

2. Click on the "Create" blue button on the top right and choose the "Script" option.

3. Write your script and click on "Save script" button.

4. After the script has been saved, click on "Open Teleprompter".

5. A Window will pop-up with the teleprompter, all you need is to set Telepromper׳s scroll positions, speed and font size on the lower right bar.

  • Scroll position - if you want to start reading your text from the middle.

  • Font size - the size of the script. It will give you the perfect eye contact with the camera.

  • Speed - It's important to adjust the speed of the text so you can read your text fluently.

6. Before recording, it’s important to set your camera and microphone if you have any external devices.

Hit the RED button to start recording!

7. While recording you will have the options to press on the space bar to pause the script but not the recording, so you can improvise in the middle if you want.

8. Once the recording has been finished, click on "Upload & Close" to use it as a BIGVU project! All that left is to brand it with your logo, titling and share it with your audience!

What is BIGVU Plus?


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