-BIGVU Desk Teleprompter is still in Beta. during the development phase, it will only be available to workgroup and teams accounts, for testing purposes.

-Please use Chrome, while it might work on other browsers, this has not been tested yet.

-External Devices such as external microphones and external cameras should work if they are compatible with your PC.

Pro's tip: Learn how to use a teleprompter like a pro

In order to use BIGVU's web-desk teleprompter:

1. Enter to your desk at BIGVU.TV

2. Click on "Create" button (a blue button on the top right side) and choose the "Script" option.

3. Write your script and click on "Save script" button.

4. After the script has been saved, click on "Open Teleprompter"

5. A Window will pop-up with the teleprompter, all you need is to set Telepromper׳s speed and font size on the lower right bar.
Hit the RED button to start recording!

6. Once the recording has been finished, click "Upload & Close" to use it as a BIGVU project! All that left is to brand it with your logo, titling and share it with your audience!

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