After creating a video you can create a landing page for any of your videos:

1. Select a video ready to be published (either composer or a take that you uploaded)

2. Click on Message Video Page to create a page - Here you can add a headline, a text description, customized the information and publish the pages

3. Your page will appear on the table of pages published

4. Share & send your page


1. Click on the video and the take you would like to show on your page.

2. Choose "Message Video Page" to create your landing page.

Edit your landing page:

3. Write or edit your headline and your script/ text for your landing page (you can always edit it).

5. Edit the strip to personalized your page.

You can choose from different photos or upload your own.

6. Page Edit Templates on the Web: you can customized and edit your information. as a default the information is taken from your business profile.

On this page you can edit your username/URL, the social media links that appear in the footer, change your logo and add more business information that applies to all of your pages (full guide in Page Edit Templates on the Web).

7. Now you can Publish your page

You have a list of video pages that have been created.

Select a page : you can share it via social media, text or email (full guide: How to message a Video Page - App)

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