After creating a video you can create a landing page for any of your video:

1. Select a video ready to be published (either composer or a take that you uploaded)

2. Click on Message Video Page “Create Page” - Here you can add a headline, a text description and publish the pages

3. Your page will appear on the table of pages published

4. Pages can be customized on “settings


1. Choose the video you would like to show on your page. Press the 3 dots and choose "Video Page" button to create your landing page


click on your video, Press the 3 dots and choose "Video Page" button to create your landing page.

2. You created your landing page! now let's edit it.

Write or edit your headline for your landing page

3. Write or edit your text for your landing page (you can always edit it).

By clicking on "Video Title" it will copy your project name to the video page headline.

4. Style your message: Bold, Size, Headline, Italic etc.

5. Edit the strip to personalized your page

You can choose from different photos or upload your own.

6. Now you have two options: "Save" your page or "Publish" it.

7. if you choose "Save"

it will save your page as a draft. You can see the status of the page under "Status".

Also, you van edit it or publish it later by clicking the pencil image.

Copy or change the URL of your page

8. if you choose "Publish"

it will change the status of your page from draft to "Published". You can still edit it after publishing.

9. Page settings: you can customized and edit your information. as a default the information is taken from your business profile.

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