1. Teleprompter's speed - It is extremely important to always read the top line, in a natural way.

If the speed is too fast, it won't look natural. However, if the speed is too slow, you might end up reading the bottom line as it appears into view, and this takes your eyes away from the camera!

2. Make sure the text you read is as close to the camera as possible.

There are two ways to do that in the BIGVU app, just before you are starting to record:

  • The Font Size of the Text - Set the Font Size according to your distance from your phone while recording. A small font size is better for close range recording while a large font size is better for recording from a distance as it is easier to read the text.
  • Adjust the text area - Again, the smaller it is, the closer it is to the camera. However, you should have the text as small as possible while still convenient to read

* these advice become less and less relevant as far away as you are from the camera. For example, if you have your phone or tablet on a tripod, and you are using an external microphone, you can increase the text font size to a maximum and read the bottom line - it will probably not be too noticeable. However, if you are recording from a selfie position, these points are critical when using a teleprompter.

**for extra information about teleprompter's settings - visit our guide

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