Styling can be applied to any take recorded with the BIGVU teleprompter App. Style Your Video allows you to:

  • Change your video’s orientation to vertical, horizontal or square.

  • Boost the audio or add low-level background music.

  • Add a music background

  • Add lower 3rd titling and a logo.

  • Add an intro and outro to your video with a Business card

  • Add Captions.

On the App: 

  1. Select a take and click on “Crop, Captions, Logo, Green replace”, a screen will pop-up:

  • If you used a Green Screen, make sure that you change your background first with checking the box "Replace Green screen" (for more information about the background change  - click here). 

  • If you used a Green Screen, make sure that you are changing your background by checking the box "Replace Green screen"

  • If you want to add captions - click on "Style with captions", otherwise, click on "Style with no captions".

    note: Take into consideration that you can either add a lower 3rd title OR captions, not both. 

2. Now, change the aspect ratio, audio, titling, captions and logo - find out how by using these links:

happy styling!

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