Style your video means customize your video with your Brand: Change the ratio, Add a Logo, Add Background Music, Add intro or outro to your video with your animated Business card for example...

If you want Style your Video without Captions, please follow this FAQ article: How to Style without captions on iOS?

Here are the steps to follow to Style your Video with Captions:

1. Create or Import your video on the iOS app. Then the Editing screen appears

2. Press one of the pictures in "Magic Style" according to the Theme you want.

3. Choose "style with captions" option.
Note: Take into consideration that you can either add a lower 3rd title OR         captions, not both. 

4.If you chose in the previous step "Style with Captions", you will need to select the language and you will be able to choose if you want to highlight your subtitles with the BIGVU AI Emphasizer. If you accept, this AI tool will highlight the key words of your presentation automatically.

5. Then you enter the process of styling the video, the first step of the workflow opens, you can change the ratio of your video.

6. By clicking "Next" at each step, you can complete all of the video editing steps. You can select the step that interests you in the icon bar at the bottom without doing all the steps.

The second step is the ability to choose the Theme of the Captions (1) and to add a Logo (2)

7. Then you will be able to:

  • Add background Music & boost your video audio in case of noisy surroundings

  • Choose an Intro or an Outro by adding an animated Business card or even a video you want to upload

  • Edit your Captions, highlight a word or even segment scenes based on spoken words

To edit your Captions, in each Scene you have the ability to click on an arrow at the right side and you can select:

(3) Captions to edit the subtitles of this scene. Y

You can highlight a specific part of the caption, insert a star (*) or slash (/) in the beginning and end of the part you wish to highlight.

(4) Segments allow you to edit the Segment Duration

8. Press "Make video" to Save all the Video Style you added and your styled video will be added as a new Take in your Project. 

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