What happens if I cancel my subscription?
Manage your subscription with BIGVU, No strings attached at BIGVU!
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Whether you subscribed to a monthly plan or to a yearly plan, you can stop your subscription whenever you choose to. No strings attached at BIGVU!

After canceling your subscription, you get to keep your free account, you will be able to make videos locally as a free user.

All videos stored on our cloud are kept for 30 days after unsubscription.

Meanwhile, you can export all your videos locally in 'Profile' --> 'Preferences' --> at the bottom of this screen you will be able to export all your data.

You can also download each video directly in the Projects screen in each video's menu (3-dot menu).

This means any new video you make after your account goes back to free will have the BIGVU watermark.

Feel free to come back when you need BIGVU again and continue to work you will be able to find the projects with the scripts but not the videos.

Click Here to learn how to cancel.

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