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Team account: How do I create a new Workspace?
Team account: How do I create a new Workspace?

Use Team account to create several workspaces so that you can manage your video creation easily and in an orderly fashion.

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  • Create as many workspaces as you want! There is an unlimited number of workspaces in Team account.

1. Click on Add Member in the Left Pane (1) or Add Team Members in the top bar (2).

Then click on Add Workspace.

2. A popup opens, you can choose a name and a Logo (option) for your new Workspace and then click on Save.

3. The different workspaces are displayed one by one and work on it if you click on the two arrows at the top left of the screen (4). You can also manage yur Workspaces by clicking on "Team Settings"

4. Here is the screen to manage Workspaces when we clicked on "Team Settings".

In the menu at the end of the line, when you click on the 3-dots menu you can manage your selected Workspace: you can change logo or the name of you workspace, copy members or even delete the Workspace (6).

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