There are 4 role permissions available in Team accounts, each role permission of a Team member has different permissions in BIGVU and can do different things.

First of all, here are some rule to better understand the collaboration in BIGVU:

  • a Team Member can be added in a Team whatever his role is only if he is not a BIGVU User!

    So, if you want to collaborate with a BIGVU User, you have 2 choices:

    • Ask them for another email to add them to your team as a new member

    • Add this user as a Guest Editor if you want them to edit your project (if they also have a subscription) or as a Guest Viewer if you only want to share your projects with them

  • All Guest Editors must have an individual subscription.

  • Guest Viewers can have BIGVU's FREE plan or be completely external to the platform, they don't need to be a subscriber.

  • When you add a new Member or Guest, they will be added to the current workspace displayed at the top left of your screen

--> To Add a new Member or a Guest: Enter in "Add Member" screen (1), then choose the Workspace where you want to add your new collaborator (2) and choose the relevant button: "Invite Team Member" or "Invite Guest Viewer" or "Invite Guest Editor" (3).

Different Roles are available for a Team Member:

  1. Team Owner : Owner of the Organization, he is the only one can see the billing and manage it. Ability to Create/ Manage/ Delete Workspaces and other members of the organization.

  2. Admin: This is the master admin. Ability to Create/ Manage/ Delete Workspaces and also add/remove from Workspaces or delete from the organization any Editor or Member.

  3. Editor: This is an intermediate role. A user with this Role Permission can access to the workspace(s) he has been invited to. He has full access to the WS, can create, delete/edit projects and also add/remove from Workspaces or delete from the organization any Contributor.

  4. Contributor: This is the most basic role. A user who has this Role Permission can write a script, send it to the app, film it, and edit it. He can only see and use their assigned workspace(s). He can read only brand assets, and cannot invite/remove members or delete/edit some projects he is not own.

In addition to the members of your organization, you can also Collaborate with Guests :

  • Guest Viewer: A BIGVU user who can view your projects, download the videos locally and who cannot edit the projects.

  • Guest Editor: A BIGVU user who can edit all the projects of the workspace where he is invited, he has the same rights as a team Editor member for the given workspace but he has his own BIGVU account otherwise. Also he cannot add/remove from Workspaces or delete from the organization any member.

--> Regarding Videos pages, for a Page he didn't create, he has only the ability to View, Copy URL and Share link of the Page.

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