Branding tool allows you to create custom templates for your organization (Logo, Titling, and Template editor).

Please note: Only Desk Admins and Organization Admins can create templates in channel branding.

Organization Admins - can create templates for specific desks (Team account) or for the entire organization. To choose whether the template is for a desk or for the organization, you will need to choose the correct level

Desk Admins - can only create templates for their assigned desk (Workgroup - one desk, Team account - numerous desks)

Follow these steps to create a new template in Channel Branding:

1. Enter the left menu and select 'Branding'

2. Logo - Add your Personal Bussines logo to your WorkGroup/Team account.
note: if you are using a Team account - you can add a specific logo to a specific desk (by organization or desk admins).

3. Select either Titling or Template Editor (for more information: Titling and Template Editor)

4. Under Template Options, make sure save as a new template is checked.
If you are an organization admin - select the desired level for the template (organization or desk)

5. Continue editing the template/titling. Follow these FAQs:

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