• The Music Bed is added for the entire video. It doesn't matter if the main track (or Presenter Track) is an Audio or Video track. 
  • Audio files need to be added under the menu Media Library. (Left Menu in the main screen). Bear in mind BIGVU's music is copy-right free, if you upload your own music, use it at your own risk.
  • Audio volume % is absolute, 100% being the highest volume.
  1. Enter your video and open the composer.
  2. Click on the "Style" tab on the left menu.

On the bottom you will see the music BIGVU has to offer, and your own uploaded audio. Don't forget to adjust the audio volume!

Usually between 95%-90% Presenter is a good rule of thumb, but if your video's volume is low, even 97% or above might make sense. At 100%, the music will be completely silent.

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