There are several ways you can add visuals to your storyboard:

  • Upload your own from the computer or phone
  • Choose from the BIGVU library
  • Add tweets
  • Choose from Pixabay

Upload your own:

1. Select the video you want to add visuals overlaying your video, and open the "Composer".

2. Use "Uploads" in the left panel to drag and drop visuals from your computer.

Important: notice that the videos/photos you upload are copyrights free!

If you have a BIGVU subscription, you can upload straight from your iPhone.

3. Upload your own videos or photos. It will appear on "My uploads" tab.

4. Select the photo or video you want to add on a certain part of the storyboard. Drag and drop it on the small photo of the storyboard.

Add a tweet:

Search for a tweet in the left panel, select tweets including an image, then drag and drop into the storyboard.


Search a photo you want to add using a keyword.

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