Customize your Business card outro 

1. To change the business card outro template enter “Branding” in the left menu (upper left corner).

2. In “Chanel Branding” enter the Template Editor Tab

3. Select the Business Card Outro template

4. Change the Name of the Template

5. Select background color or keep the white

6. Select Bar Color

7. Select Text-Line  attributes, font, and color

8. Continue selecting the rest of the text lines attributes, fonts, and colors

Important Note! The attributes will determine if the text is all capital letters, lower case letters, or sentence case regardless of how you type the text in the provided area afterwards. 

  • UPPERCASE - all of the letters will be capital letters 
  • lowercase - all of the letters will be lowercase 
  • Capitalize - the first letter will be upper case and the rest lower case 
  • None - the way you input the words is how they will appear.
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