Trim your videos using WordTrim in the App!

WordTrim allows you to trim your videos using the words of the transcript or using the slider.

To trim your video:

1. Click on “Edit with WordTrim"

2. It will take a few moments for WordTrim to load as we are working movie magic and transcribing your video. You can also do other things and we'll notify you when you can start trimming. 

3. WordTrim will open with the video take at the top and a time-coded transcript at the bottom

4. There are two ways to trim: 

  1. Use the slider to select the section that you want. You will see in real-time the segment of the transcript of the script selected (the selected words/segment will be highlighted)
  2.  Press and hold a word and the slider will automatically jump to that word.

5. Save the selected part as a new take by clicking on the checkmark

6. The trimmed take will appear in the same project. You can tell the difference by looking at the length of the take.

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