Changing the aspect ratio is easy in the BIGVU app. 

Aspect ratio explained:

The "aspect ratio" of a video refers to whether the video is horizontally long and vertically short (landscape mode, also referred to as 16:9), vertically long and horizontally short (portrait mode, also referred to as 9:16), or square (a 1:1 aspect ratio).

When to use it:

A square video is recommended if you will be sharing your video on mobile or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 

1. First, navigate to Style Your Video screen for your video.

2. From here you have two options:

  1. Crop the video to resize it to a different aspect ratio (For more information follow this article)
  2. Change the aspect ratio

3. Choose the aspect ratio that matches your needs 

  • Please note that using this resizing option will produce "blurred sides". If you want to avoid them, use Crop

4. Click "Next" to continue styling your video.

  • If you are done styling your video, click the furthest right panel, and click "Apply Style and Generate Video". The app will send you a notification and an email when the video is ready.

Other Style Your Video options:

All Styling Options

Audio boost & music backgrounds

Title Overlays

Add your logo

Style Your Video from within web app - the BIGVU desk. You can change the aspect ratio of your video either in the mobile app or with the web app - the BIGVU desk.

  1. Immediately after recording with the teleprompter app, select "upload to cloud"
  2. Go to and login with your username and password (this will be the same one you use for the mobile app).
  3. From the home screen, open the relevant story.
  4. Once you find the relevant story, click the menu button on the story (3 vertical dots) to bring up the menu.
  5. Each video listed below the larger video player corresponds to a single take (a recording) that you have uploaded to the desk. Choose the relevant video, and click the menu button for that video (3 horizontal dots).
  6. Click on "Style Your Video".
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