• Videos need to be recorded with a green screen. You should not wear any green clothes. Check more info on green screens in the article Green Screens

  •  Make sure your video is uploaded to desk.bigvu.tv (if it is not the Change Green Screen button in your app won't appear). Also, you can only change green screen before doing Style Your Video. So make sure you did not do Style Your Video on the specific take. 

  • You can replace the screen in your app or open your video on the web desk. Select the right take. Apply “Change Background”. Please take into consideration that you can only do Change Green Screen to videos under 9 minutes. 

On the BIGVU webdesk:

1. Click on the script that has the take that you want
2. Select the take and click on the three dots
3. Click on "Change Background"
4. In the Change Background section:

  • Drag and drop into the placeholder from the RIGHT Panel (My Uploads, Desk Library or Pixabay) the image or video loop to be inserted as the new background. (You can upload a custom image into My Uploads by dragging and dropping a file from your computer into My Uploads or by clicking upload and selecting the file.)

  • Click on Make Video. The new video will be created in a few minutes and will appear next to your script. You can follow the process in your Task Queue.

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