• No watermark. After you subscribe, any new video recorded will no longer have the BIGVU watermark
  • Use of the teleprompter app and the desktop platform for fast editing
  • Add your logo, add titling overlay, and music background to bring your video to life
  • Crop your video to remove any unwanted parts and achieve the perfect aspect ratio
  • Green screen background replacement by any image or video clip to be looped
  • You can export to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or your camera roll.
  • Priority support.
  • One on One training session
  • Team license (includes 5 seats)
  • One shared workspace with your team
  • Your corporate branding, customize Titling, Fonts & Colors, as well as other advanced features
  • Permissions - decide who in your team is allowed to change and access what

Log in to desk.bigvu.tv. Subscribe under the left menu My Profile, Subscriptions.

After subscribing please contact us at support@bigvu.tv to activate all of the Workgroup premium features.

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