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What is included in AI Pro Team Plan?
What is included in AI Pro Team Plan?
Workgroups and teams are collaborative platforms for teams that want to work together on video creation.
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--> AI Pro Team Plan allow collaborative platform. You can use it for internal communication and the on-boarding process, news report or sells pitch within your team.

In AI Pro Team Plan you will have:

1. All the features of a BIGVU AI Pro plan:

  • No BIGVU watermark, automatic Captions, add your Logo, background Music, Outros, Intros, and Video Pages with your brand. Record up to 59 minutes videos

  • Online desktop Teleprompter - record your video from the computer as well!

  • Your corporate branding - customize fonts & colors.

2. Collaborative workflow: You can create as many Workspace you need to organize the collaboration with your Team.

A shared workspace consists of a shared desk for scripts, video projects and a shared media library.

  • Write a script and let your colleague to record, or record it and let an other member to customize the video and share it.

  • Once uploaded, anyone in your team invited to the relevant Workspace, can edit & style the video on the web-desk and publish it to a social network.

--> Feel free to book a one-on-one call to help you see how to use the BIGVU Team account: Book a Demo.

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