1. Login to BIGVU Desk at Desk.BIGVU.TV

  2. Click the "Create Script" button in the top right corner of the screen to create a new script.

  3. Type your script or copy and paste your script form another application.

  4. Click on "Save Script" to save as you write.

  5. When completed, click "Send to App".

  6. The script will now be visible on your mobile app. 

On the App: 

  1. Find your project on the main screen  (If you do not see the script in your mobile app, simply refresh the app by swiping down on the screen with your finger).

 2. Open the script and click on the "red video camera" button at the bottom of the      screen. 

3. Set your teleprompter and click on the red button to record your video. 


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