Upload to cloud / My takes on web desk

BIGVU is both a  web and mobile app (you can access both using same email and password)

Premium users can upload any take recording with the BIGVU teleprompter app into  desk.bigvu.tv
You can only upload files that are less than 1GB (depends on take length, quality and more)

How to upload a take to desk.bigvu.tv after recording in the mobile app 

Upload to Cloud. To upload simply click on "Upload to cloud".  Once the upload is finished, you can then Change Background, Style Your Video or add Captions using  BIGVU desk (web app)
Change Background. If you recorded with a green screen, you can change the green background directly in the mobile app, the video will also appear in the  BIGVU desk.
  • Make sure to change your green screen first and style your video after for a flawless finish to your video.
Style Your Video. If you Style Your Video in the mobile app, it will also automatically appear in the  BIGVU desk

Where to find it 

Go to  https://desk.bigvu.tv/boards (log in using the same email and password as the mobile app)
Open the script - Your script will appear on the left and your uploaded video takes on the right
Click on the 3 dots to open all options (Change Background, Style Your Video, Add Captions, Export and more)

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