BIGVU - A web app and a mobile app

  • BIGVU is web app and a mobile app. You can access both with the same email and password
  • BIGVU Mobile app allows you to:
    • write a script, 
    • record  your presentation 
    • export it to your gallery on your phone. 
    • Write on a computer, record it on the mobile app : write your script on the web app, send it automatically to your smartphone, record it using the teleprompter on the app and then upload it to the web for fine-tuning (adding a lower3rd) and exporting it to social networks.
  • BIGVU desk is a web app that you can access on  , you can create two types of videos:
    • Create Script – videos where a presenter records a script using the BIGVU teleprompter app. Once the video is recorded, it’s uploaded back to the Desk to add themes, boost audio, music beds, and make a final video.
    • Create Video – slideshow videos mixing photos, tweets and video shots using the BIGVU Composer. See some examples in our blog

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