Manage your BIGVU subscription

Manage your subscription, upgrade or unsubscribe, on the device where you subscribed (Apple, Google Play, or our web app)

Apple  Google PlayBIGVU Web Desk

Apple : clicking on the link on your Apple device will take you directly to the App Store subscription page.

Click here to access the App Store

or check subscription status please do the following: 

1. Go into your phone's Apple Settings menu, and select iTunes & App Store. 
2. Press on the 'Subscription" line to see your active subscriptions
3. You should see the logo of "BIGVU Teleprompter " app with the assigned plan
4. Where it says "Renewal Options," you can cancel the subscription and you will be able to continue the app for free with the BIGVU watermark.

Google Play : If you subscribed on  Android, follow the following steps:

Open the Google Play Store 
Google Play
Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions Menu
Find the subscription to BIGVU. 
Tap Cancel.

BIGVU Desk : If you subscribed on  BIGVU WEB Desk, login into , go to my profile and unsubscribe.

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