Can I slow down or speed up the teleprompter speed?

  • Yes! You can easily speed up or slow down the scroll rate of the teleprompter.
  • Using the slider, simply set the slider position by scrolling.
    •  Run a quick test to check that you have selected your desired speed. The speed will remain constant while you record.
  • Another feature that can be used is Pause On Silence. (Available only on Android)
    • With this feature enabled, your text will stop scrolling when you are silent. Use this to take meaningful pauses, to emphasize a certain point, or simply take a short break to catch your breath while filming.
    • Please Note: if you go off script the script will continue to scroll even if Pause On Silence is turned on.
    • To make sure that Pause On Silene will work seamlessly, use the Reference Noise Level.
      • If you are filming in a noisy setting, set reference noise level to noisy, so that the app knows to stop even if there is noise around. 
      • If you are filming in a quiet setting, set reference noise level to silent, so that the app stops scrolling only when completely silent.

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