Can I add my own pictures/videos/music to use in BIGVU?

YES! The Media Library allows you to add your own pictures, videos, and music that you can then use on the BIGVU webdesk ( and Teleprompter app.

  • The media that you upload will automatically appear in the appropriate location
    • Music - will appear in Style your Video and Composer as background music
    • Pictures - will appear in Change Green Screen, Logo (if it is up to the Recommended size of 120px Height), and in the Composer in the right panel
    • Videos - will appear in Change Green Screen and in the Composer in the right panel

How to add media:

In the left menu select Media Library

Click on “Add Asset” to upload a new asset to BIGVU

Above “Add Asset” you can select to which desk the asset will be uploaded to.
A window will pop up, select the asset that you wish to upload and select “open”

You will see the asset that you selected uploading

Once the upload is finished, the asset will be available for your use both in the app and on the Webdesk.
Make sure that you are not using copyrighted assets.

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